Here are a selection of previous projects completed by Phoenix hill restorations. We have a project designed by an architect in close consultation with the client, there is a project that we designed literally on the back of a napkin, a historic preservation project being restored under the U.S preservation briefs in consult with the client and a private client with her own very specific ideas on the vision of the design.

Phoenix hill restorations currently works in the Southern Vermont area but as can be seen in the various slide shows we will travel the eastern part of the country to provide our services for the right project.

New fiberglass columns installed to match the previous style.

New fiberglass columns installed to match the previous style.

Complete Interior Renovation/Restoration Project Providence Rhode Island

This is a 1920's Duplex in Providence Rhode Island. We gutted the complete interior of one side with the objective of creating a  totally energy efficient comfortable home with the restored style of the original period. Infrastructure changes included complete insulation of the exterior walls and roof with closed cell foam, dense packed cellulose insulation in the party wall, new Mitsubishi mini split HVAC system with ERV, new Marvin Integrity windows. The interior finishes you can see for yourself.




Dormer Addition Vermont 

This was a dormer addition in Central Vermont. A cozy ship lap cabin in the heart of snow country. Our client needed extra room in the bedroom and a view down to the stream that ran through her property. A selection of white birch, maple and oaks added to the view and we also managed to create more light in the bedroom. While we were there we removed the old asphalt shingle roof and installed a brand new standing seam roof to shed all that Vermont snow.

We returned four years later to add on a little mudroom to the front of the house, somewhere to stash those ski's and snowshoes in the winter time!

He who loves an old house never loves in vain.
— Conant,Isabel La Howe

One of our greatest strengths is to run a project to satisfy the clients design needs, and to work to the highest levels of craftsmanship . The process of communication between client and contractor is vital and the management strategies to achieve the final goal are what drive a successful conclusion to a project. Typically Phoenix hill restorations schedules bi-weekly meetings with the clients (this depends on the scope of the project) in order to keep the progress of the work on track, to tackle problems that may arise immediately, make any necessary changes efficiently and to keep the budget on track.

My husband and I have worked with Mickel Zuidhoek over the course of a couple of years on the renovation of our duplex in Rhode Island. Mickel was responsive and communicative throughout and a wizard at the carpentry. The work included exterior cladding, insulation, rebuilding of all the interior walls, building three new staircase’s, installing new hardwood floors, and installing a new kitchen and baths. He supervised all subcontractors and took frequent videos as the work progressed. That was very helpful because we were involved much of the time from our previous residence in another city. We would use him again and recommend him highly.
— Paula Fuqua,MD
New fiberglass column cutting to size for install

New fiberglass column cutting to size for install


Civil War Museum

Here was a project completed in Upstate New York, a civil war museum. The original building was built back in the 1700's and we were hired to remove the existing deck and porch and reconstruct a new porch and deck allowing for wheelchair access. This project was done in accordance with the U.S Preservation Briefs and the Board of the Civil war museum. We were able to meet the preservation standards as well as satisfy the modern building code.